What is the difference between tape and online backup?

“Human Error” is the major difference between tape and online backup. For instance an employee accidentally deletes an important file from the server, forgets to back up, or fails to transfer the tape offsite for safekeeping, your business data is put at serious risk. Plus, tapes are unreliable, easily damaged and deteriorate after six months and is a 30-year-old technology.

Our automatically scheduled online backup eliminates the potential for human error, while promoting faster and timelier disaster recovery with less data loss. We store your data offsite in multiple data centers, offers multiple retention periods, encrypt all your files providing you with the access to it and does not have the upfront or recurring costs as tape. In short, it’s more reliable and better than a tape backup.


Can I backup more than once in a day?

Yes. You can set CZ Backup to back up as often as you wish.


Does CZ Backup support file versioning? And can I restore a file?

Absolutely! We support file versioning. We have a retention policy that can be adjusted as necessary from days, to months to years. Files previously deleted or older versions of files can be restored in a matter of minutes. You set the retention period for as long as you choose. Our system allows files and databases to be rolled back to a previous point in time when they were known to be working.

How much does CZ Backup Cost?

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How does CZ Backup Work?

See how it works here.

How do I install CZ Backup?

An engineer and/or customer-service representative (CSRs) will install product on your machines and configure service at your site.

How do I know if I need CZ Backup?

First and foremost it is absolutely necessary that your business critical data be backed up for the future security of your business. Secondly, we manage and monitor your online backup system that automatically backs up your data, which removes your administration of backups and can instantly restore lost data. Finally, CZ backup is ISO certified, which gives you added peace of mind for the security of your data files.