Why Choose us?

We manage your backups for you. A member of our staff can contact you by phone or email when there is a problem with your backups or a backup is missed for so many days!

Disaster Recovery

Restore a crashed Windows™ server or Bare Metal Restore (BMR) of O/S, data, SQL and Exchange.

How it Works


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Choose CZ Backup

When you choose Computer Zone Backup, your choosing to protect not only your data, but simply your Business!


More reasons to choose CZ Backup:

  • ISO-certified *
    (highest security standard)

  • Fully managed and monitored

  • Lost data instantly restored

  • All changes are backed
    up automatically


    *What does ISO 27001 certification mean?

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world's largest developer and publisher of international standards, and ISO 27001 is the globally recognized Information Security Management System (ISMS) benchmark.

    ISO 27001 specifies the requirements and processes necessary to enable a business to establish, implement, review, monitor, manage, and maintain effective information security.


    What is the difference between tape and online backup?

    “Human Error” is the major difference between tape and online backup. For instance an employee accidentally deletes an important file from the server, forgets to back up, or fails to transfer the tape offsite for safekeeping, your business data is put at serious risk. Plus, tapes are unreliable, easily damaged and deteriorate after six months and is a 30-year-old technology.

    Our automatically scheduled online backup eliminates the potential for human error, while promoting faster and timelier disaster recovery with less data loss. We store your data offsite in multiple data centers, offers multiple retention periods, encrypt all your files providing you with the access to it and does not have the upfront or recurring costs as tape. In short, it’s more reliable and better than a tape backup.

    Can I backup more than once in a day?

    Yes. You can set CZ Backup to back up as often as you wish.

    Does CZ Backup support file versioning? And can I restore a file?

    Absolutely! We support file versioning. We have a retention policy that can be adjusted as necessary from days, to months to years. Files previously deleted or older versions of files can be restored in a matter of minutes. You set the retention period for as long as you choose. Our system allows files and databases to be rolled back to a previous point in time when they were known to be working.

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